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Supercharge Your Workflow with

Supercharge Your Workflow with (Sync) is more than a secure hard drive stored in the cloud; it helps realize the full potential of modern technology and the Internet. It goes above and beyond other services, enabling you to get the most out of the cloud. Sync allows you to back up any file that is located anywhere and crowdsource files from a community. Its desktop & mobile apps support multiple devices, it provides a means for team-to-team collaboration, and much more.

Here are 10 features Sync offers to remove bottlenecks from your workflow:

1. Use the Vault to back up any file located anywhere

It's that simple.
It’s that simple.

Sometimes you can’t move a file into your Sync folder because it might break an app or result in unwanted duplicates. Using the Vault, it is easy to back up any file or folder directly to Sync with two clicks, from anywhere — even from an external hard drive.

Simply right-click the item and click Copy to Sync Vault. Sync creates all the folders preceding the file in a folder named after the device, so it appears exactly how and where you had it saved on your desktop. Relocate content from the Vault via the web panel as needed.

Back up your family’s devices easily and securely.
Back up your family’s devices easily and securely.

2. Set up shortcuts and aliases to easily back up new files

If you want to actively work on your files without worrying about forgetting to save them to Sync, you can use folder shortcuts and aliases to make it easier to remember. These are like wormholes; you can use to get inside the folders where your shortcuts lead.

Create new folders for each folder where you regularly save, create shortcuts (or aliases) for them, then move those shortcuts into the older folders. Now, whenever you save another file, spot the shortcut, open it, and then hit Save. Voilà!

Creating aliases on macOS
Creating aliases on macOS

3. Create upload-enabled folders to crowdsource files from a community for archiving important things

Sync allows for more than backing up your files and collaborating with friends: it provides a private and dead-simple way to collaborate with strangers over the Internet without having to exchange any contact information.

Simply create links to two folders but make one upload-enabled with the contents hidden. Review the uploaded contents and organize them under the other folder. This way a community of cat lovers only sees cat pictures. Detailed instructions are available here.

Protect linked folders to your heart's content
Protect linked folders to your heart’s content

4. Team-to-team collaboration

When collaborating on a project with strangers at work, it helps to have everything organized and easily accessible. With Sync, you can create a multi-departmental project folder that is shared using the email addresses of all participating members at your organization, and a separate folder for each team. This helps avoid unnecessary clutter and mistakes that might result in data loss. Your coworkers may use different software to create content, but with Sync they can house it in the same place to stay on the same page by leaving notes for each other.

5. Save and overwrite files without needing a version control system

Using a version control system (VCS) is great, but you must remember to actually use it. You also want to ensure you don’t wipe your files by being in the wrong directory or using the wrong command. With Sync, you can put your mind at ease and simply hit Save. That’s it. There’s no confusing documentation to read through and you need not worry about someone tampering with the authorship or content. From the web panel, select any file to access its version history. Sync plays nicely with VCSs; feel free to use both simultaneously.

Prank gone horribly wrong? No problem.
Prank gone horribly wrong? No problem.

6. Email large files with Sync links

Although email has paved the way for modern communication, they aren’t always private, email providers have different attachment size limits, and sending the wrong file is irreversible. Supplement emails with Sync links instead for content you’d like to share. Sync links prevent your files from getting into the wrong hands with its enhanced privacy option and password protection feature to block out unwanted recipients. Files of any size or type can be shared. You can set when links expire and how many times files can be downloaded. Since your files live in the cloud, you can revoke links or replace files within shared folders at any time.

Plenty of versatile options for every file
Plenty of versatile options for every file

7. Unlimited file-size uploads and no traffic limits

Sometimes services that offer a bunch of awesome features akin to Sync also have some annoying catches that come in the form of outrageous prices or strict limits. That said, downloading the contents of a linked folder is limited to 5GB, but you can use the desktop app to download content of any size if you’re a member of the share. When dealing with files over 40GB, using an SSD is recommended to significantly reduce performance issues.

8. Share space with family by using fewer paid plans

When upgrading a digital service for your entire family, the cost can multiply, making it prohibitively expensive; not everyone will use the service as frequently or get on board as quickly. Fortunately, Sync understands this and allows you to create shared folders with your family members so they can use some of your storage space to back up their files. They can use the Vault on the free plan for easy backups and simply shift their content to a shared folder later. They can upgrade if they want even more space.

9. Access Sync on the go

You don’t need to be at your desk to save your work or preview the work of others. Use Sync’s mobile apps to access and manage your content on the go! Easily locate content sorted by name or date uploaded. Manage multiple photos with the grid view and select mode options. Choose files and folders to sync offline to save mobile data and space on your device. Create and share folders and files with all the features found in the Sync web panel, like password-based protection, download limits, upload permissions, and link expiry dates.

All of your files within your grasp (image from 2018)
All of your files within your grasp (image from 2018)

10. Priority and live-chat support

Despite providing a private, affordable, exceptional service, Sync does not cut corners, especially when it comes to providing excellent customer support. They do not simply respond with templates in hopes that they’ll happen to answer your questions. They will break down your message and respond to each part while providing as much help as needed, until they’ve fully answered all your questions and resolved all the issues. They even follow up with you whenever a fix is available. They truly appreciate your time and commitment to Sync and they do not take it for granted. They are here to do their best because they know they can.

TL;DR — Back up devices to the Vault, change files as much as you’d like with file revision history, collaborate with coworkers and strangers from around the globe, control access to shared folders and files, share space with family and friends, and access all your stuff on the go with our mobile apps by signing up with Claim 5GB of completely free storage today and take advantage of our pro features when you’re ready.

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